RADIFY – Graphic Novel in production

A socio-political speculative fiction / nonfiction community engagement mystery graphic novel. Learn more at

Altered Bodies – Audio Interview Archive and Zine/Chapbook

Altered Bodies is an ongoing audio interview archive and zine/chapbook project. Since the early 2000s I have conducted audio interviews with people choosing to radically change the appearance of their body. In our interviews we discuss each interviewee’s definition of the perfect body; body role models; the importance of choice and consent when altering their bodies; race, health, and gender’s relationship to the alterations chosen; and revelations that lead to or emerge from choices to radically alter one’s body. The interviews reveal diverse reasoning, significance, ups and downs of elective medical procedures including gender confirming procedures and plastic surgery; they explore some of the traumas worked through via body art and body building.   Altered Bodies exposes the complexities, joys, and darker sides of body alteration.

Qualia Diaries – Single Channel Video

In Qualia Diaries I continued to work with the diaries used in the video installation Ricochet – diaries kept between 2002-2005 on my personal experience of undergoing years of drug treatment for adult onset epilepsy. This single channel video further explores my mental state at the time as well as reflecting on my childhood, with references to Clarice Lispector’s The Passion According to G.H., Franz Kafka, and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (who’s own work was shaped by having epilepsy). The work showed nationally/internationally in art venues, medical settings, and differently abled film festivals.

Ricochet – Two-channel Video Installation

In Ricochet I delve into the tremulous lines between my inner and outer world after having a set of three consecutive seizures, being automatically heavily medicated for epilepsy, and beginning a three year plus process of shifting from one medication to another and disconnecting from a grounded sense of self. The video installation chronicles the side effects I experienced from ‘unmanageable’ prescription drugs including: hallucinations, panic attacks, severe weight loss and medication induced psychosis, to hair loss and deadly rashes. A mind altering journey that took years to overcome.

Players’ Ladder – Site Specific Installation

This site specific installation was set in a beauty products distribution facility. The employees of the beauty distribution company were featured inverted from the ceiling in gilded glory or impermanent sheer mesh and reflected below in a high gloss polished black floor. Viewers and passers by saw themselves caught in the middle. Players’ Ladder drew on Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

American Dreams – 3D Installation Video

American Dreams is a 3D Video Installation in which a short looping observational documentary of broken American dreams is interwoven and has moments of alignment with with remnant artifacts found on my travels through abandoned and run down city neighborhoods, towns, and farms across America.

Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture Misc