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Current Work


A Graphic Novel

RADIFY is a hand-drawn graphic novel currently in production. The story is set in the near future, when an American xenophobic biotech mogul launches an influence campaign to deregulate new reproductive biogenetic technology and discriminatory design to build an exclusive master race.

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Selected Pages in Production:
Radify a Graphic Novel

Altered Bodies

A Zine Series

Altered Bodies is an ongoing series of zines made from pen and ink drawings and transcribed audio interviews.  The interviews are conducted with people who engage in informed elective body altering practices to achieve personally defined ‘perfect’ bodies.  The work exposes powerful acts of gender conformity and nonconformity in individual practices of  ‘perfecting’ bodies. Interviewees are engaged with body building, tattooing, piercing, plastic surgery, and elective gender identity confirming surgeries. (the interviews are temporarily on hold)

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