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Selected Works

Works Current + Ongoing


RADIFY is a hand-drawn graphic novel currently in production. The story is set in the near future, when an American xenophobic biotech mogul launches an influence campaign to deregulate new reproductive biogenetic technology and discriminatory design to build an exclusive master race.

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Altered Bodies

Altered Bodies is an ongoing series of self-published zines made from pen and ink drawings and transcribed audio interviews from my Altered Bodies interview archive (see below).

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Altered Bodies Interview Archive

Altered Bodies Interview Archive is a long term audio interview project. The interviews are conducted with people who engage in elective body altering practices. The questions specifically address the role of gender in and individual ideas of the ‘perfect’ body. Interviewees are engaged with body building, tattooing, piercing, plastic surgery, and elective gender identity confirming surgeries.

Video Works

Qualia Diaries

Qualia Diaries is a single-channel video portrait of personal trauma. The video interweaves  narration, diary readings, memories, dream sequences, and surreal hallucinations. The work details severe mental and physical confusion triggered by pharmaceuticals used for adult onset epilepsy.   Qualia Diaries reveals a painful story of recovery, side-effects, and the daily fight to maintain integrity of self and a rational mind.  It is a contemporary look at shortcomings in systems of mental health treatment.

Ricochet (also known as Ricochet/Qualia)

Ricochet is a two-channel synchronized video installation situating viewers between two conflicting yet simultaneous experiences of reality for a patient undergoing treatment for epilepsy, prior to reflection and the discovery of a manageable anticonvulsant. Ricochet is a visceral and visual installation that presents prescription side-effects including psychedelic trips, deadly rashes, insomnia, and panic attacks.

Installation Works

Players’ Ladder

Players’ Ladder was a temporary, site specific, multi-media installation set in Armstrong McCall beauty products distribution company.  Representatives of the beauty business hung inverted from the ceiling of the atrium. Their industry value was reflected through the medium of their representation, as sculptures covered in gold leaf or metallic leaf, or printed in two-dimensional voile cloth.  The painted black floor, sealed to a high finish, reflected the scene above. Viewers walked as if suspended between the seductive agents of modern beauty and standards of perfection.

American Dreams

American Dreams is a multi-media installation with video projection.  The video takes viewers through abandoned and impoverished American small towns and urban neighborhoods. The projection grows and shrinks across the installation, syncing at different moments with specific debris to complete the story of the sculpture.  The open road video sequences offer a strange sense of freedom and possibility in contrast to the salvaged remnants from forgotten sites which tell tales of instability, loss, and unattainable American dreams.

Hey Swing

Hey Swing is a multi-media installation made up of abandoned found objects: golden fabrics, sweat shirt, egg foam mattress, a bale of hay, and cables. The piece transmogrifies into a fragile and impermanent throne-like swing. A video projection of the moving hay girds the installation and generates a sense of recent absence; inviting the viewer to become the next empowered actor and complete the work.

Random Sketches + Abstract Works

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